LA Police Gear Expedition Tactical Flashlight

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  • micro USB rechargeable cord
  • fits conveniently in your pocket
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Drop Resistance: 1.5 m
  • Finish: Hard Anodized
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    LAPG does it again. Introducing the LA Police Gear Expedition Light! Featuring a micro USB rechargeable cord, removable clip, and easy tail switch operation, this light has it all. Plus, the Expedition also serves as a backup power source for mobile phones* and other USB rechargeable electronic devises. Ideal for travel, survival, or in the car. The Expedition Rechargeable Flashlight also fits conveniently in your pocket, purse, or Bail Out Bag. Made with quality materials and backed by the LA Police Gear name for confidence under all conditions.


    • Turbo: 1050 Lumens - 2 Hour Run Time
    • High: 600 Lumens - 2.5 Hour Run Time
    • Medium: 200 Lumens - 8 Hour Run Time
    • Low: 15 Lumens - 80 Hour Run Time
    • Beam Distance: 270 Meters


    • Length: 6"
    • Body Diameter: 1.1"
    • Head Diameter: 1.5"
    • Weight: .3 lbs


    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Finish: Hard Anodized
    • LED: 1 Cree XP-L
    • Battery: 1 18650
    • Waterproof Rating: IPX6
    • Drop Resistance: 1.5 m
    • Micro USB Rechargeable
    • Tail Switch
    • Included Accessories: 2600mAh Battery, Holster, Lanyard, USB Cable, O Ring, Removable Clip, Spare Rubber Switch Cap


    • Temporary On/Off: Press tail switch button gently
    • On/Off: Click tail switch
    • Changing Mode: Gently press side switch (Low-Medium-High-Turbo). With memory function
    • Turbo: When the light is on, press side switch twice to access Turbo directly
    • Strobe: Press and hold side switch when the light is on. Press side switch once to go back to illumination mode

    Battery Indicator:

    • When the flashlight is turned on the LED indicator (under side switch) will be on and indicate the battery capacity
    • If capacity is over 50%, green LED will be on for 3 seconds and then turn off
    • If capacity is between 10% and 50%, red LED will flash slowly
    • If capacity is below 10%, red LED will flash quickly. At the same time, only Low and Medium modes are available


    • During Charging: Solid red LED
    • Fully Charged: Solid green LED


      The LA Police Gear Expedition Flashlight has a power bank function. It can be used to charge other electronics. When flashlight is discharging, power indicator will indicate the remaining battery capacity.

    3 Steps to discharge the battery:

    • 1. Connect the customized orange USB charging cable to Expedition Flashlight
    • 2. Connect the customized orange USB charging cable to an ordinary USB charging cable
    • 3. Connect the ordinary USB charging cable to the device you want to charge
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    Modes (High To Low)

    High, Medium, Low
    High, Medium, Low, Strobe
    High, Medium, Low, Strobe
    Turbo, High, Medium, Low, Ultra-Low
    Turbo, High, Medium, Low
    Turbo, High, Medium, Low, Lowest, Moon, Strobe, Beacon, SOS
    High, Medium, Low, Strobe


    High: 1,000 Lumens
    Medium: 500 Lumens
    Low: 20 Lumens
    High: 850 Lumens
    Medium: 500 Lumens
    Low: 13 Lumens
    Strobe: 850 Lumens
    High: 725 Lumens
    Medium: 261 Lumens
    Low: 68 Lumens
    Strobe: 725 Lumens
    Turbo: 1,600 Lumens
    High: 500 Lumens
    Medium: 150 Lumens
    Low: 50 Lumens
    Ultra-Low: 10 Lumens
    Turbo: 1,050 Lumens
    High: 600 Lumens
    Medium: 200 Lumens
    Low: 15 Lumens
    Turbo: 900 Lumens
    High: 320 Lumens
    Medium: 160 Lumens
    Low: 50 Lumens
    Lowest: 10 Lumens
    Moon: 0.5 Lumens
    Strobe: 900 Lumens
    Beacon: 150 Lumens
    SOS: 900 Lumens
    High: 750 Lumens
    Medium: 300 Lumens
    Low: 25 Lumens
    Strobe: 750 Lumens


    High: 2 Hours
    Medium: 4 Hours
    Low: 40 Hours
    High: 2.Hours
    Medium: 3 Hours
    Low: 61 Hours
    High: 1.25 Hours
    Medium: 4.25 Hours
    Low: 14 Hours
    Turbo: 2 Hours
    High: 2.2 Hours
    Medium: 8 Hours
    Low: 24 Hours
    Ultra-Low: 150 Hours
    Turbo: 2 Hours
    High: 2.5 Hours
    Medium: 8 Hours
    Low: 80 Hours
    Turbo: 4 Hours
    High: 4.5 Hours
    Medium: 10 Hours
    Low: 22 Hours
    Lowest: 150 Hours
    Moon: 350 Hours
    High: 2.5 Hours
    Medium: 4.5 Hours
    Low: 80 Hours

    Beam Distance

    300 Meters
    214 Meters
    158 Meters
    450 Meters
    270 Meters
    167 Meters
    150 Meters

    Impact Resistance

    1.5 Meters
    8 Meters
    1.5 Meters
    1 Meters
    1.5 Meters
    1 Meters
    1 Meters

    Water Resistance

    Waterproof Rating: IPX8
    Waterproof Rating: IPX8
    Waterproof Rating: IPX4
    Waterproof Rating: IPX8
    Waterproof Rating: IPX6
    Waterproof Rating: IPX8
    Waterproof Rating: IPX8

    Special Features

    USB Rechargeable, Charging Indicators
    Compact, Tri-Output Light, Perfect For Use As A Back-Up Flashlight Or EDC
    Features a Portable Power Bank Function, Slide To Focus Beam, And Memory Function
    Features Two Illumination Modes, Countdown Timer, Memory Functions, And USB Charging
    Features a Portable Power Bank Function, USB Charging, And Battery Level Indicators
    Features Two Illumination Modes, Countdown Timer, Memory Functions, And USB Charging
    90 Degree Adjustable Head, Magnetic Tailcap For Hands Free Use, Compatible With 3 Battery Configurations

    Rechargeable Battery


    WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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