Fax Orders and Mail-In Orders

Please try to place your order via the website, as it will cause your order to be shipped much faster.

If you cannot order on the web site feel free to use this section. Concerned about giving your credit card number or personal information over the internet?

We don't blame you! We use the highest level of encryption possible to prevent the theft of your information. However, we realize some people still would prefer not to send their sensitive information over the internet. Therefore, we are do allow customers to fax or mail their orders to us.

To place orders via fax or mail, please use this order form and follow the instructions at the top right.

We will handle your order as quickly as possible. We will e-mail or call you if there is a problem with the order.

You can check your total costs including shipping & handling by selecting the items you want on the web site. Then go to the checkout section and enter your address (You will be able to see your total including shipping before having to enter a credit card number).