Stretch! Wrap! Tuck! The three most important functions of a tourniquet.  And with SWAT-T Tourniquet, that's exactly what you'll get. At one-third the cost and weighing less than any other tourniquet on the market today, the SWAT-T Brand tourniquet will treat a variety of injuries, minor to life-threatening.

The SWAT-T™ tourniquet is currently being carried by military members - both conventional and Special Operations medical and non-medical personnel, EMS, Law Enforcement Officers, Contractors, Federal Agents, and prepared citizens.  Carried by many as a pressure dressing, all-purpose wrap, primary and/or back-up tourniquet, the SWAT-T tourniquet can be purchased individually or as part of active shooter kits. Every tactical kit should include one of these tourniquets. 

You may ask why LA Police Gear stands behind the SWAT-T™ tourniquet brand? Simply because the SWAT-T tourniquet was developed by a former Operator/Medic with 14 years experience in Operational Medicine, a former USAF Pararescue Journeyman (Para-Jumper or PJ), a contractor of DoJ/FBI SWAT Operations, and an Emergency Medical Physician, so there are no better founders with more life experience than these people who have worked on the front line every day of their jobs, saving precious lives. 

The best part about SWAT-T tourniquet products is that there is no need for training on how to use the tourniquets; anyone can effectively apply the tourniquets in seconds.  After years of research and field testing, the SWAT-T tourniquet not only saves lives, but has been known to help sling a joint, splint a fractured appendage, saved the lives of pediatrics and canine patients, and even helped temporarily mend a broken hiking boot and patched up a kayak!  How's that for versatility! 

So when LAPG says the SWAT-T Tourniquet is the most versatile innovation of most other tourniquets on the market today, we mean it. We have this exact brand all over our warehouse and in our in-house medical and tactical kits. Because SWAT-T is proven to work, no matter the need.