Galco Paddle Holsters

Galco Paddle Holsters

How many different types of gun holsters have you used to date while doing your duties as security guards, first responder, police, and military operatives? You must have known that there are plenty of them and you might already have a few on your tactical gear too. Belt holsters, ankle holsters, shoulder holsters? Used all of them? Why not give a try to paddle holsters? Whether you have heard of them for the first time or you have already been using them while on duty, you can get your hands at the best product on the market if you choose to go with Galco Paddle Holsters. Galco is a renowned brand when it comes to tactical gear manufacturers and it’s been used widely by the law enforcement agencies across the US. So, you can never be wrong-footed if you entrust Galco with your safety while on duty. In fact, their tactical products work equally well for hunters, shooters, and adventurers too.

The paddle holsters use a flat, concave-shaped plastic piece to secure the holster to its wearer. It could be a stiffened leather piece as well designed for wearing inside the pants. The Galco paddle holsters have a “duck bill” or “paddle” section which fits inside the wearer’s waistband where the holster goes overlapping the waistband. These paddle holsters have gained immense popularity of late because of their retention as well as design elements. If you pick a well-designed paddle holster, it can take guessing out of the equation. The external holster offers great grip retention over your firearm while keeping things stable enough regardless of whether you are running, jogging, or driving. So, if there is one type of holsters that you would never want to miss out on, it’s the paddle holsters. Despite a lot of variety available on the market, you should find the best ones in Galco – the brand you can trust.

To your surprise, we have stored the latest collection from Galco right here at LA Police Gear. In fact, our catalogue features some of the best products from world’s top tactical gear manufacturers and you shouldn’t have any troubles whatsoever finding yourself the best stuff around. And, if you are on the hunt for the best Galco paddle holsters, we have everything right here for you. Just have a look through our catalogue and you will come across amazing products with some wonderful designs. Check our now!

Start with our best-selling Galco Paddle Lite Holster that’s been rated very highly by our customers. The product utilizes decades of experience of Galco’s craftsmen in designing the best gun leather in the world and can give you a secure carry along with convenient removal as well as replacement on your duty belt. The product combines the amazing features of Galco’s Carry Lite holster series with their popular paddle design to offer ultimate quality and usability.

Whether you want to go with Galco Paddle Holsters or some other products for your tactical gear, we have a wide assortment of items on offer. Have a look now and make your picks!