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Columbia River Knife & Tool


Since the day Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) was founded in 1994, they made a commitment to build knives and tools that would not only endure, but inspire.  Today, Columbia river knife and tool is known for their distinction in design, quality and manufacturing precision. And they continue to strive to offer the best-built but affordable knives and tools on the market today.

LAPG carries the entire line of CRKT because we believe and depend on all their products. Big John, one of our all-time favorite warehouse order pickers, recently returned from a camping trip. Big John brought his favorite tool, the Columbia River Knife and Tool M4 Folding knife with him. He never goes outdoors with it and he was extremely glad he brought it with him this time as he forgot to purchase kindling, but he was able to make huge piles of kindling wood with his CRKT M4 Folding Knife.  Without the M4 folding knife, he would have had to abandon his camping plans for the weekend.  

Once again, CRKT came to the rescue. Columbia River Knife & Tool has some of the finest knives and tools on the market and if you don't own at least one knife or tool from CRKT already, then check out LAPG's huge line of CRKT products.  Because they are known and are used worldwide, we know you'll end up purchasing at least more than one. Order your favorite Columbia River Knife & Tool today!