Boston Leather

Back in the mid 1930's, the Boston Novelty Company started making leather tags, name tags, leather cases and bags.  By 1940, the company changed their name to Boston Leather and they turned their attention to the law enforcement market. Even though Boston Leather has expanded into other markets too, their main focus has always been on the public safety line, especially the 'Uniformed Professional'. 

Leather has always been Boston Leather's top material of choice.  Leather keeps looking good, especially the older it gets.  Plus leather will mold to your body, so it is very comfortable and very durable. And all of Boston Leather's products are made in Illinois, with domestic manufacturing of full grain leather from U.S. Steers.  

LA Police Gear stands behind Boston Leather because of their quality product and their quality manufacturing. Since their existence, Boston Leather has been providing high-grade, top-rated items for Police Officers and Sheriff Deputies.  As an authorized dealer, LAPG carries Boston Leather Brand entire selection of high quality badge cases, wallets, ID holders, and citation books. They also make many items that are Postal Service Approved as well as a full line of items used in Corrections and Inmate Transportation.  

One of our biggest sellers is the Boston Leather 1-1/2" Off Duty Leather Belt, which weighs 10 - 12 ounces and is made from full grain English Bridle leather. With no embossing lines, the Off Duty Leather Belt creates a simple, clean look for off-duty casual wear or uniform dress wear.