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When you're going to be out and about all day - or all weekend - you need a bag that can hold essential gear without feeling like a drag. As a company founded and run by law enforcement officers, we've seen how valuable a good tactical backpack can be, and we've only selected the best ones for customers like you. These first responder backpacks are popular among military, rescue, private security and other professionals because they are proven under extreme conditions. They're so tough that many bikers, hikers, campers and MILSIM re-enactors buy them as well. We don't mind - because bags like these are made to be used!

Whether your day involves driving around on patrol or running a training simulation ascending a 5,000-foot summit, there's a backpack here for you. We have all sorts of patrol backpacks and operator backpacks for holding everything from guns and notebooks to an afternoon snack. Other selections include hydration packs, multi-day assault packs, medical backpacks and special ops assault packs. These bags are made out of tough polyesters, nylons and other long-lasting reinforced materials. They have a variety of pockets for organizing your gear, and with rugged VelcroTM, buckle or zipper closures, you'll never have to worry about them busting open.

These backpacks come from the top tactical and outdoor brands in the world, including Oakley, Fox Outdoor, Blackhawk and Red Rock. Our staff experts have developed our own line of tactical backpacks as well. LA Police Gear 12-hour, 24-hour and 72-hour bags are built for all situations, and we also make chest packs and hiking backpacks. In addition to standard black bags, we also carry olive green, desert tan, orange and MultiCam backpacks for help you stay concealed in various environments. No matter which bag you'll choose, you can place your order knowing you've got a low price on a premium backpack. Join the more than one million satisfied customers we've had since 2001 and shop at LA Police Gear!


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