Uncle Mike's Handcuff Duty Cases

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The Uncle Mike’s Cuff Case comes in a Single Open Top Cuff, Duty Single Cuff and Double Cuff Case Option.

The Duty Single Cuff and Double Cuff Case is a one-piece design that limits bulk but adds reinforcement from the flap to the back wall for easy gripping and re-holstering. The Dual Slot belt loops with flap allow the case to fit a dress or duty belt up to 2.25”.

The Single Open Top Cuff Case holds a single pair of standard sized handcuffs secured in place by a snap and releases when the cuffs are pulled firmly in a straight up manner. This case fits all standard duty belts and is molded from a Kodra Cordura nylon material. Open top cases have a break open snap, simply pull cuffs to remove.

SlimLine Dual-Retention Cuff Case
Uncle Mikes SlimLine Dual-Retention Cuff Case is no bigger than the Single Duty Cuff Case with flap. Cuffs are better protected due to a "pull-through" internal fastener. Produce cuff simply by opening the flap and pulling them through. Ideal for special response teams, bike and motor patrols, marine units and natural resource departments. Works with conventionally sized cuffs from S&W, Peerless, American Handcuff.


  • Low-cut front wall for fast, easy gripping and re-holstering
  • Dual-slot belt loops on all models with flap
  • Fits dress or duty belts up to 2.25”
  • Open top belt model available with strong clip for easy fit on dress belts and waistbands
  • One-piece design limits bulk, yet add reinforcement from flap to back wall.