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The Tactical Pocket Klipboard, the TPK, is a tool created for you, the first responder, to assist you in organizing your life on the street. We all have that shirt or cargo pocket full of paper, cards, pens or maybe a miniature spiral notebook. If you're like me, you even carry your commission card in your shirt pocket. The problem with this is that when you contact a subject and you need to take down their information, the last thing you need to do is be fishing around in your pocket or paging through a spiral notebook for a clean piece of paper. In addition to that, you have to take their identification, hold it in your hand, and copy down the information on a flimsy writing surface, usually your hand, all while trying to keep a watchful eye on the person you are contacting. Not any more:

The Tactical Pocket Klipboard or TPK alleviates all these issues. The TPK organizes your 3x5 index -or- Field Interrogation cards into a neat, organized stack, secured by an elastic band or common office binder clip. The TPK also secures your commission card on the back: If you're like me, your commission card also allows building access. Securing your commission card on your TPK, in specially designed space, allows you to access buildings without removing it from your pocket, freeing up your hands to carry your gear or secure a prisoner.

The TPK also gives you a firm writing surface each and every time you use it. Wether you have one piece of paper or fifteen, you always have a stable, secure surface to write on.

Finally, and best of all; the TPK has a patent pending pressure clip that runs across the top and bottom of your TPK. This allows you to Klip your contact's identification conveniently along the edge of the TPK, freeing up your hands and making your contact with your subject safer. All of this organization and convenience fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and uniform pocket.
TacticalKlips Tactical Pocket Klipboard