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Whether you're a first responder by trade or an outdoorsman by passion, you need to be prepared around the clock. And that's especially true if you're both! There are any of a hundred things that could cause your day or night to go south: cuts, sore knees, lack of ammo, ringing ears… you name it, we've experienced it. But you don't have to when you have the right tactical gear! We've dug up thousands of items that will be useful to police officers, firefighters, EMS responders, range enthusiasts, campers and many others who live on the edge.

Incidents and injuries are going happen when you spend a lot of time in precarious situations - but the important thing is treating them early so they don't get worse. LA Police Gear has numerous bandages and trauma kits so you can treat yourself or a fallen companion. This includes wound dressings in both green and white colors for camo purposes plus chest seals and tourniquets for life-threatening injuries. A number of organizer bags and pouches are available for carrying this and other gear.

Making a trip to the shooting range? Order noise-canceling ear range bags and ammo cans to hold all your gun supplies and earmuffs so you can still hear phone calls afterward. Knee pads are good to have as well if you often shoot in prone positions. Police officers will want our handcuff cases and keys so you'll never have issues during arrests. We have many other duty belt pouches for gear such as flashlights, knives, gloves and mace, plus an assortment of shirt pouches to denote official departments and ranks.

From shirt clips to sunglasses, LA Police Gear has all the little things for when you tackle life's big tasks. Select a category on the left to narrow down your search or a brand if there's a manufacturer you love - chances are we have their gear in stock and ready to ship today. Shop with us if you want high-quality tactical equipment and accessories at the lowest prices!


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