Tactical Medical Solutions Combat Medic Pouch

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Tactical Medical Solutions knows that for many of you medicine is only half of your job. If you're not treating casualties, you're engaging the enemy. The Tactical Medical Solutions Combat Medic Pouch was designed to make you a more effective combatant and a more effective care provider. The pouch saves real estate on your vest by integrating a three magazine panel with a medical pouch. Magazines are retained by elastic keepers in pouches that will accommodate standard M-4 magazines as well as PMAG's. Treatment material is well organized and easily accessible in the medical pouch. The distance the pouch opens can be adjusted by the end-user and the adjustable cord allows for rapid closure of the pouch when needed.


  • 2X 6" Olaes bandages
  • 1X SOF Tactical Tourniquet
  • 1X 14G cath
  • 1X NPA with lube
  • 1X 7" Shears
  • 1X gloves XL
  • 1X cas card
  • 1X petra gauze
  • 1X 2" tape
    Tactical Medical Solutions Combat Medic Pouch