Strike Industries Bulk Molding Compound 1911 Grips

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  • Anti-Water and Oil Absorption
  • Pre-Cut for Ambi Safety
  • Specialized Bulk Molding Compound
  • Solid Steel Like Shock Resistant Polymer
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    The 1911 Grips is comprised of a unique molding compound constructed of anti-water and oil absorption, heat resistant, high impact, and high bending strength polymers. The grip designs are inspired by Ray Gorzyn who is an accomplished 1911 gunsmith with over 30+ years of experience and an active IPSC shooter. The same texture and comfort from the PX 09, 10, 12, 15 grips with a new color and new more durable improved material.


    • Slick gray color
    • Specialized bulk molding compound
    • High impact, heat resistant
    • Anti water and oil absorption
    • Solid steel like shock resistant polymer
    • Pre cut for ambi safety
    • Includes 2 x PX 1911 grips


    • Density: 1.42
    • Water Absorption: 0.3 percent
    • Molded Shrinkage: 0.7 percent - 1.25 percent
    • Heat Resistance:(2hr/'C): 200'C
    • Thickness: 0.295"
    • Impact Strength: 3 - 3.5Kgf-cm/cm2
    • Flexible Strength: 9.5Kgf/mm2
    • Tensile Strength: 5.6Kgf/mm2
    • Compressive Strength: 22Kgf/mm2
    • Isolation Resistance: 1 x 5^(8-9)
    • Breakdown Voltage: 11kV/mm

    Note: You can add silicone oil to change the color to a darker gray.

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    Reviews / Q&A