Snap Caps

Snap Caps

Are you in military, police, security guards, or first responder teams? Do you have all the necessary tactical gear that you would need in your daily routine even when you are practicing at the shooting range? From shooting mats and shooting rests to shooting targets and snap caps, you need all sorts of stuff to make sure that you have a perfect experience as you practice shooting at the range. The range shooting gear like snap caps helps ensure that when you dry-fire firearms with a specific design, it doesn’t cause any kind of impact and stress damage to its barrel breech and/or the firing pin. Like all other items necessary for your tactical gear, there is a wide variety available in snap caps and you can choose as per your needs and preferences. Just ensure that you go with the best make and model to fulfill your specific needs.

The snap caps, basically, refer to a device that looks like a typical firearm cartridge in its shape but doesn’t have any primer, projectile, or propellant. They work like the dummy rounds but the two aren’t the same because dummy rounds usually have real cartridges in them with the primer and propellant removed from the cartridge. On the contrary, snap caps make fake cartridges in the first place. Sometimes, they can have some false primer which can be spring-buffered or made from some soft polymer or rubber. The plastic or springs are meant to absorb firing pin’s impact when dry-firing letting you to practice the trigger pull. It also helps with testing the firearm’s function while making sure that none of its components are damaged in the process.

We understand how important Snap Caps can be for the law enforcement professionals, whether you are in police or military. So, we bring you the widest collection of these from the top manufacturers in the industry. We store products from top brands including A-Zoom, Carlson’s Choke Tubes, Magpul, and Strike Industries. Check out the reviews from our past customers and you’ll easily get the feel of what kind of quality products you are going to buy when you opt for snap caps from any of these top brands. We bring the best within an arm’s reach and you just need to make a call on what you are looking for. Rest assured that you’ll get the best of whatever you need when you buy from any of these top brands that we have in store.

If you are just starting your search, do check out our best-selling Carlson’s Choke Tubes Snap Caps that have received lots of positive reviews, and rightly so. They help protect the firing pins with the help of spring-loaded striking area that offers enough cushion to make sure that the firing pins are not damaged due to the impact. You can find these snap caps for almost any caliber you need.

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