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Shooting Mats

Unless you are a competitive shooter, it is quite likely that shooting mats aren’t on your list of necessary tactical gear. Well, they really make an essential item and you shouldn’t underestimate their importance, especially when you have to lie prone and shoot at your target. Whether you are a first responder, security guards, police, or military operative, you need shooting mats for shooting comfortably and hitting your targets every time. These mats turn out to be quite useful whether you are in a real-life tactical situation or it’s just a practice session at a shooting range. Getting down on the ground and firing at your targets may look cool but shooters often don’t want to get dirty willingly. Besides, shooting mats offer that extra padding you need against the thorns, rocks, and anything else there is on the ground. They also protect your elbows and knees from bruises and scrapes. And, when you have a comfortable position to fire your shots, you will hit your targets often.

Shooting mats are, basically, padded mats that give you enough cushion against the ground to lie down, aim, and fire your shots to perfection. Some modern-day products also come with pouches where you can put your ammo as well as other tactical gear. They are also built durable to last the routine abuse that they have to go through. The non-slip surface of these mats gives you a perfect position so that you can focus and hit your targets. They can be used both in the shooting range and also in the real-life scenarios. In either case, they make quite a useful item to have on your tactical gear.

All the top manufacturers in the industry roll out their products in the market every year and you are never short of options when it comes to shooting mats. Here at LA Police Gear, we bring you products from 4 top manufacturers in the industry. Here you can find high-quality mats from top brands including Blackhawk, Crosstac, Condor Tactical, and Tactical Tailor. They have a history of manufacturing the top-notch tactical gear fulfilling your specific needs in the field and the shooting range. They’ve been trusted by most of the law enforcement and sports shooting professionals and you can buy from them with full confidence.

Start your search for the best shooting mats with our best-selling Blackhawk Pro Shooters Mats that make an ideal choice for any kind of rifle, shotgun, or pistol which requires you to shoot in multiple positions. Its hydration-compatible pouch comes equipped with tube-routing system to give you a perfect platform for your shooting endeavors. It is durable and can last the test of time no matter how much routine wear it goes through. You can easily roll it up as well for carrying it anywhere with you. Check out the products page for more specific details about the product.

For more top-quality shooting mats and other tactical gear, start searching through our products catalogue now. You’re sure to find something that meets your specific requirements.