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    Misc. Weapon Parts

    When you are in police, military, or first responder teams, your job really is a tough one. The same goes for security guards and other law enforcement too. And, in such challenging jobs, you really can’t afford to go wrong at any point with anything. Especially, when it comes to your weapons, you need to make sure that everything works as expected and your weapons are in proper shape at all time. You need to take proper care of your firearms and do proper maintenance to ensure that they keep working flawlessly when you get into fights with your enemies. Even if you’re a hunter or a sports shooter, you can’t afford your weapon acting up in the middle of your shooting practice. For proper maintenance, you also need to have misc. weapon parts handy at all times. If you have the right kind of training, you might be able to fix your tactical gear on your own by replacing necessary parts as required. The key is to invest in the quality parts from the best providers in the industry so that you may not encounter the same problems often.

    Some common parts that you might need to keep handy include dust covers, nuts and bolts, shock buffers, slide plates, all in one tools, B.A.D. levers, magazine catches, spring loaded bearings, illumination kits, strike locks, screw bushings, slide plates, stock adapters, spring cups, hammer extensions, etc. The list can go on and you can explore our catalogue for finding out what else you might need in misc. weapon parts for your tactical gear. There is a whole variety of them and they come from all the popular brands around so that you may not have any troubles finding a perfect match for your weapon. Just dig in a little and you’re sure to find anything you need for your weapon.

    When you buy your gun parts at LA Police Gear, you don’t really need to keep looking for stuff anywhere else. We have the widest collection of miscellaneous weapon parts from top brands in the industry available right here for you. The brands we store include Blackhawk, Crosstac, Glock, Hogue Grips, Magpul Industries, Strike Industries, SureFire, Uncle Mike’s, and ZEV Technologies. They have all been around for years and you can count on them for your weapon’s upkeep. You won’t be disappointed by the results produced in the end for sure.

    Get your search started with this Strike Industries AR Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover for your weapon. Made of high-density polymer, it’s more functional and durable as compared to most conventional dust covers out there in the market. It comes equipped with an adjustable detent set screw to compensate for any signs of wear on its receiver while increasing/decreasing the opening power. It is available in a variety of designs to help you customize your AR weapon.

    So, what are you waiting for then? There’s a lot more to explore and you can find a range of misc. weapon parts on our catalogue. Determine what you need for your tactical gear and buy it right here!

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