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    Magazine/Slide Releases

    You don’t have an easy job to do when you are working in police, military, security guards or first responder teams. There is a lot that you have to get through every day and you just can’t afford to falter at any point. Your weapons need to be in top shape too and should function well when you need them the most. So, it is really important that you invest in the high-quality tactical gear and make sure that you never find yourself in an awkward situation where the enemy is right in front of you firing shots and you’re just stuck with your weapon not working. Even a minor malfunction may cost you your life. But wait, you don’t necessarily have to be part of the law enforcement to use different types of firearms. For instance, hunters and sports shooters also want their weapon to be in perfect shape at all times. If you want to keep firing shots without delay, investing in magazine/slide releases is certainly a great idea. Buy from the best brands around and expect flawless results.

    The magazine releases refer to paddle-style levers or buttons placed on the weapons which, when depressed, make the magazine come out of the weapon. Whenever you have expended all the ammunition, and you’re firing shots at your enemy, you want no delays whatsoever and the slide release mechanism helps you ensure that. You can quickly pull out the magazine and reload your weapon once again to fire shots. When buying magazine/slide releases for your firearm, make sure you are buying something compatible with your specific weapon. Otherwise, it may not work for you. So, make sure that you run all the checks first before throwing your cash.

    With so many makes and models around, making the right pick can be a bit challenging sometimes. You have to be spot on with your decision, but you never know. Don’t worry! Here at LA Police Gear we have singled out the best products on the market to help you cut the hassle when making a choice. We bring you the magazine releases from the top brands in the industry with the likes of GG&G, Glock, Magpul Industries, and ZEV Technologies. They’re all known to offer best quality products for the law enforcement, shooting professionals and everyone else who has to deal with firearms in their routine. So, just find gun parts compatible with your weapon and make your pick.

    To get you started, our Magpul Industries MOE CZ Scorpion EVO 3 EVO Enhanced Magazine Release is a highly-rated product and the best-seller in this category. It’s both affordable and durable and can make a perfect upgrade to your CZ Scorpion EVO 3 family carbines and pistols. With its paddle design, it makes magazine extraction pretty easy. It is quite lightweight and won’t really make your weapon heavy either. A perfect pick overall!

    So, if you have been searching for the best magazine/slide releases for your tactical gear, start searching through our products catalogue now. You’re sure to find some quality pieces matching your specific requirements.

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