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  • Gun Rods, Jags and Loops


    Gun Rods, Jags and Loops

    Gun care and cleaning is really important in order to keep your weapon in working condition at all times. When you are in police, military, security guards, or first responder teams, you have to keep an entire gun cleaning kit on your tactical gear so that your weapon receives regular care and is kept in perfect working condition at all times. It’s a real setback when you are in the line of fire and your weapon stops working or if your weapon just blasts in your hand, in rare cases, just because of some obstruction in the barrel. The cleaning kit includes everything from mops and patches to gun rods, jags and loops that can be used for placing the patches appropriately so that the weapon is properly cleaned. The rods help you reach deep into the barrel and make sure that any left in residue is completely removed.

    The gun rods, jags and loops are the durable, nylon cleaning tools that are meant to harness as well as position the cleaning patches in a way that they help in the proper application of cleaners, lubricants, degreasers, and protectants. These come in a universal size and can effectively accommodate any shotgun, handgun, or rifle. All you need to do is to make sure that you pick an appropriate item for your needs and that you are buying from a top brand to get something that lasts and does the job to perfection each time you use it. Tools with varying sizes, shapes, and purposes are available on the market and you should take into consideration exactly what serves your needs best before making a choice.

    Here, at LA Police Gear, we bring you the top quality products for your tactical gear and we make sure that you buy nothing but the best. We have in store the top brands in the industry and you can rely on the quality of products without any doubt. The brands we bring you include GG&G, Hoppe’s 9, 5ive Star Gear, Pro-Shot Products, Glock, and Otis Technologies. These are all renowned names and you might already be using some of their products. But, obviously, you need to do your research on which of them is the best and what product you should buy for your specific tactical needs.

    The GG&G Mini-30 Chamber Cleaning Tool is among our top-rated products and our customers often prefer it for their routine weapon cleaning. It’s a popular choice among all law enforcement and many police and military operatives have bought this product from us. The package includes a simple bronze brush and cleaning patch jag. It allows you to remove the patch jag quickly and install the brush for chamber cleaning. It’s a real must-have if you have a mini-30 shooter. It gives you a thorough cleaning experience every time you use it.

    If you are looking for high-quality and durable gun rods, jags, and loops, explore our products catalogue now. You are sure to find the best products for your tactical gear here.

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