Shirt Stay Plus Stirrup Stays

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  • Elastic Band
  • Clips with Nylon Teeth
  • Adjustable Clip
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    The Shirt Stay Plus Stirrups consist of a "Y" shaped strap with two metal clips that connect to your shirt and a single loop that's place around your foot to keep your shirt tucked in. The straps are made of a durable elastic material that has been field tested to be long lasting and comfortable. 


    • Elastic band that feels better on your legs
    • Adjustable clip ensuring that once adjusted, it will not readjust
    • Clip w/ nylon teeth that grips onto your shirt/socks
    • Clip ensures shirt stay will keep your shirt tucked in
    • Stitched multiple times ensuring durability
    • Package includes two (2) individual elastic straps.

    Reviews / Q&A