Shirt Stay Plus


How many times a day have you spent re-tucking your shirt back into your pants?  Can you imagine running, moving, bending, stretching and having your police or military uniform shirt still staying tucked into your pants?  Such a simple concept yet so difficult to achieve. Until Now. Thanks to the creation of Shirt Stay Plus, durable elastic straps, adjustable buckles and metal clips with nylon teeth keep your shirt tucked into your pants until you're ready to untuck! 

Shirt Stay Plus is literally the simplest yet best solution for the problem of your police or military uniform shirt pulling up out of your pants. Designed by a police officer in 2009 who was so frustrated with other brand shirt stays on the market that just kept failing or breaking, he decided enough was enough.  Re-trying and self-testing for the perfect shirt stays, Shirt Stay Plus finally found the perfect materials and a combination of products to not only have a functional shirt stay, but also a durable one.

Since then, all of Shirt Stay Plus' shirt stays have been rigorously field tested by military members, law enforcement officers, first responders and even business professionals. Shirt Stay Plus products are of the highest quality and will last as long as you need them. The adjustable buckles will not readjust after you've adjusted them. The elastic strap is ergonomic, comfortable and concealable, and the metal grip holds firmly to your shirt so that there won't be any tearing of the materials and your shirt will stay tucked in to your pants as long as you want.   

We at LA Police Gear definitely agree that the Shirt Stay Plus products are without a doubt some of the best on the tactical market today. Now you can run, stretch, jump and bend all you want, because Shirt Stay Plus shirt stays will continue to keep you looking neat and official!