Rothco 44" Military Web Belts 4177

Item Code: 4177
  • 1.25” Wide
  • Metal Buckle
  • High-Density Cotton Canvas Material
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    The Military Web Belts measures 1.25" wide and is made of 100% cotton material with the choice of chrome or gold buckle. This long-lasting and fully customizable belt has a secure metal buckle to keep the belt in place and can easily be removed. The 1.25" wide belt allows it to fit BDU pants, cargo shorts, jeans and more. 


    • 100% Cotton
    • 1.25" Wide
    • 44" Long
    • Metal Buckle Keeps the Belt in Place
    • Resilient High-Density Cotton Canvas Material
    • Comes with a choice of Chrome of Gold buckle
    • Fits BDU Pants, Cargo Shorts, Uniform, Jeans and more

    Reviews / Q&A

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