PerSys Medical Blizzard EMS Trauma Hypothermia Prevention Blanket

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The PerSys Medical Blizzard EMS Hypothermia Prevention Blanket is a lightweight blanket designed to treat hypothermia in trauma patients in cases of hemorrhage, burns, inclement weather, and water immersion. It is the only blanket of its kind designed to circulate heat across the entire body while retaining heat with unparalleled performance. The performance is achieved using Reflexcell technology, a super-lightweight material that provides unprecedented thermal retention in the most demanding conditions.

Reflexcell is a framework of materials arranged to form cells that trap warm air and allow it to move throughout the entire blanket, ensuring that the patient is enveloped in warmth.

A network of elastic cords ensures that the blanket hugs the patient’s body, stopping drafts and reducing convection, while a network of cells trap warm air, providing warmth and insulation where it is needed most—at the body’s core. A metalized surface within these cells reflects heat back to the patient providing additional sustained warmth.

This compact, lightweight hypothermia blanket is an essential survival item of any emergency kit:

  • Two Layers Of Reflexcell Thermal Retention Material
  • Elastic Traps Heat While Metalized Surface Reflects Heat Back To The User
  • Compact, Lightweight, Waterproof Packaging
  • Sustains Core Body Temperature To Treat And Prevent Hypothermia
  • Viable In Temperatures As Low As 18°F (-7.7°C)
  • Seals With Self-Adhesive Strip


  • 400% Warmer Than Synthetic Material Blankets
  • 150% Warmer Than Down-Insulated Materials
  • Full-Length 2-Layer Blanket
  • Reflexcell Material
  • Front Access
  • Double-Sided Tape Closure
  • TOG 5 Warmth
  • Lightweight
  • Flat-Packed Or Vacuum-Packed


  • Packed Size: 4.7" x 4.3" x 1.9"
  • Size When Open: 7.6' x 6.4' (Fully Stretched)
  • Weight: 242g
  • Shelf Life: 10 Years

Please Note: Shelf Life is based on the manufacturer date. We cannot guarantee you will receive the product with the entire shelf life.