Mil-Spec Monkey Cool Guy Hat DLUX

  • No Snag functionality
  • Tru Flexfit
  • DLUX ear plug feature
  • PLugs Included
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    The Mil-Spec Monkey Cool Guy Hat DLUX features true FlexFit with an added loop fastener on the top. The front panel is approx 4" x 3" and the rear is 3" x 3" with a 5.5" x 1" strip at the bottom for name tapes. There is even a 2" x 2" diamond up top for IR patches.

    The edges have been sewn down for clean, no snag functionality. There is an added DLUX feature to this hat in an extra plug case, giving you a space for your ear plugs. The Plugs are included but the user can equipe any with a "screw in" feature. To deploy, just pull plugs out of the pouches with enough slack to comfortably fit in your ears. When complete, pull plugs out of ears and press each retract button which is the whole side of the retractor. The plugs will now be retracted and can be further tucked into the pocket for a cleaner look.


        • DO NOT machine wash as it will likely harm the the retractors
        • NO Patches included

    Reviews / Q&A

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