Add Ons

Add Ons

There are a lot of essentials that you would want to have on your tactical gear as a first responder, security guards, military and police operative. These can include your weapons, survival gear, outdoor gear, gun parts, etc. Besides these essentials, however, you might also want to have a few add ons with you all the time. Even though you might survive in different tactical situations without these additional items, but having these handy is always going to make your life easier. There is a whole range of add ons available on the market these days that not only help the law enforcement professionals with the stuff they do on their job but can also be a great choice even for campers, hunters, sports shooters. In fact, they can even have casual uses and you can use them in your regular routine too. So, what kind of products are we talking about here? Let’s try to find out!

The add ons that are used for tactical purposes can be widespread and there can be a range of products that can fall in this particular category. These can include pistol cases, boxer briefs, crew socks, ammo cans, squeeze packs, magazine pouches, belts, equipment hangers, earmuffs, lithium batteries, and the list may go on. Items like batteries can be used in our daily routine at our homes as well but then there are things like magazine pouches which only have tactical uses. So, it’s a bit of a mix of both the types of products that you will find in this category. And, with a wide variety available, you have lots of options to choose from. At the same time, finding the right product that delivers quality results can be a bit challenging and you may want to buy only from the renowned and trusted brands.

We bring you a perfect solution here at LAPG to cut the hassle of choosing the best quality products around. All you need to do is to check out our products catalogue and you will find hundreds of add ons for your tactical needs from all the top brands including LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, 5ive Star Gear, Angelus Shoe Care, ASP Products, Bates Footwear, Blackhawk, Brite-Strike, Danner, First Tactical, Flitz, Frog Lube, Glock, and many more along the list. You might have many other products from these brands on your tactical gear and buying from them gives you a sense of security that you won’t be tricked into buying something substandard.

Our LA Police Gear Pistol Case is among our top-selling add ons here at LAPG and it’s something we can recommend on any day. The closed cell foam padded case gives your pistol all the protection it needs and can carry extra magazines, gear and ammo for you so that you can use them in desperate times. It comes with tons of useful features and is something worth investing in.

So, check out our products catalogue for more add ons and pick the best tactical gear for your specific needs from the likes of Howard Leight, Kiwi Shoe Care, Maglula Ltd., Magpul Industries, Sentry, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Streamlight, SureFire, ThermaCELL, and Tough Hook.