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Batons & Accessories


Firearms aren’t the only items on a police officer’s tool belt. They carry other personal protection weapons out on patrol, like batons. Batons are useful tools that can be used for many reasons, like defending against attacks, as a compliance tool or even to break windows or other obstacles. Many police departments and security agencies use extendable batons.

The police baton can be traced back to the reign of Emperor Augustus over the Roman Empire in 27 BC. The Romans formed the very first non-military civilian police force that was the auxiliary night watch to supplement the military’s day watch. The night watch had a club that might have inspired the phrase we know today as “nightstick.”

The “nightstick” evolved over time, and the design became more refined to eventually become the self-defense tool that we know today as the baton. 

Expandable batons come in several lengths with the most common ranging from 12 to 21 inches. Depending on the officer’s needs and size, the most efficient tool varies for each officer. Every agency has a different policy on baton sizes, but one of the most common is the ASP 21-inch expandable baton. It’s a durable, effective tool that works well for every officer.

Sometimes a baton with a side handle is needed for the job, and for that, Monadnock is one of the most popular brands. Many correctional facilities use these batons. Their batons can handle just about anything and have a lifetime warranty. They are affordable, too. 

The important thing is to make sure you have the right tool for the job. Security guards, police officers, first responders and the military use many types of self-defense weapons.

Generally, batons are helpful multi-purpose protection tools used mostly by law enforcement and security officers, but they are great for civilians as well. Whether you’re out on patrol, on a camping trip or just out with friends, a baton can be a great self-defense tool that’s easy to carry. 

LA Police Gear carries a wide variety of styles and brands, including ASP, Smith & Wesson, Monadnock and more.