Being in a remote location doing your tactical duties is never easy. You have to stay fully equipped all the time in order to make sure all your routine needs are fulfilled and you spend your time in as normal way as possible. Obviously, when you are in a remote location, you are usually away from all the facilities of life that you get in normal routine. So, you need to have make-shift arrangements for each and everything. It’s not just your tactical gear that you would need to perform your duties in military, police, security guards, and first responder teams but you’d need a range of other knick-knacks as well. Among these, cords and twist ties make an important accessory to have with you all the time. Whether it is for charging your smartphones and other electronics or organizing and identifying various cords you are carrying with you, these accessories can be quite useful in a variety of applications. It’s not that these items have only tactical purposes. In fact, you can use them on your camping and hunting trips as well. You’re in pretty much the same situation even on these adventure trips as well.

You don’t need to deal with tangled cords and ear buds anymore as there are some handy little accessories available on the market. The twist ties and identifiers allow you to properly twist your cords and stretch them around your cords’ ends so that they stay properly organized until you need them the next time. It will make things completely hassle-free to use your cords, ear buds and other similar stuff that involves tangled cables. They really make quite a useful everyday item that can have specifically tactical purposes to serve as well. The modern day twist ties come with some unique little features as well that make them more effective and usable such as integrated stretch-loop, tough rubber shells, etc. All you need to ensure is that you are buying from the best manufacturer on the market and you’re good to go.

If you are already looking for cords and twist ties for your tactical gear, we bring you the best ones on the market from renowned brands. We have in store the best-selling products from Nite Ize, ASP Products and Peltor. They have been serving the industry for quite some time now and have the best quality products available on the market. You can trust them and they won’t disappoint you as far as the quality of their products is concerned.

To get started, consider buying Nite Ize Gear Tie Cordable Twist Tie 3 Inch which by far is the best cord organizer and identifier we have on our catalogue. Available in so many cool colors and offering great usability to keep your cords organized, it certainly is a must-have for your tactical gear. The reusable twist tie can be used for as long as you’d like and its integrated stretch loop makes it efficient at what it’s meant to do.