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LA Police Gear carries a huge selection of handcuffs from all the top brands and all the major types, such as chain, hinge, nickel finish, and double-locking handcuffs. Each police officer has their own preferences, and many times, police departments have policies on which cuffs officers can carry.

Hinge police handcuffs are usually the most secure. They reduce how much a suspect can move. But some suspects are too big to use one set of hinge cuffs on, so you need chain cuffs or to link two sets together.

What are the different types of Handcuffs and why would you use them?

Handcuffs are a type of restraint device that are commonly used by military and law enforcement personnel to secure individuals who have been arrested or otherwise detained. Handcuffs are designed to be strong and secure, and are typically made from metal or other durable materials.

There are several different types of handcuffs that are commonly used, each of which has its own specific features and purposes. Some of the most common types of handcuffs include the following:

  • Chain handcuffs: These are the most common type of handcuffs, and consist of two hinged metal loops that are connected by a short chain. The loops are placed around the wrists of the detainee, and are then secured by a locking mechanism. Chain handcuffs are strong and durable, and are suitable for use in a wide range of situations. Our favorite is the Peerless Chain link handcuffs.

  • Hinged handcuffs: Hinged handcuffs are similar to chain handcuffs, but are connected by a flexible hinge rather than a chain. This allows the handcuffs to move and flex more easily, which can be useful in situations where the detainee may need to be moved or transported. However, hinged handcuffs are also more susceptible to tampering and escape attempts, and are therefore not always the best choice in high-risk situations. The best selling one is the ASP Steel Ultra hinged handcuffs.

  • Double-lock handcuffs: Double-lock handcuffs are similar to chain handcuffs, but feature an additional locking mechanism that prevents the handcuffs from becoming too tight or causing discomfort to the detainee. This can be important in situations where the detainee may need to be handcuffed for an extended period of time, and can help to prevent injuries or other adverse effects.

  • Keyless handcuffs: Keyless handcuffs are a type of handcuff that does not require a key to unlock. Instead, they can be opened and closed using a thumbscrew or other mechanism that is built into the handcuffs themselves. This can be useful in situations where a key may not be readily available, but can also make the handcuffs more susceptible to tampering and escape attempts.

Overall, handcuffs are a useful and necessary tool for military and law enforcement personnel, and are used to secure individuals who have been arrested or detained. Different types of handcuffs are suitable for different situations, and it is important to choose the right type of handcuff for the specific situation at hand. Learn more about the different types of handcuffs with our blog post going over the various types of handcuffs

Accessories for Your Handcuffs

We also carry a variety of handcuff accessories like handcuff keys. Most keys that come with handcuffs are too small to use efficiently and are easy to lose. With multiple handcuff keys, you always have one when you need it. We carry different types of keys, so there’s something that fits every officer’s needs.

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Whether you prefer heavy-duty or lighter and stronger cuffs like the ASP Steel Chain Ultra Handcuff, or perhaps the traditional Peerless Chain Link handcuff, find it all with LAPG’s tough-to-beat prices.