Handcuff Keys

Handcuff Keys

If you are in police, military and first responder teams or you work as security guards, you might often find yourself in a situation where you have to use handcuffs. Handcuffs are easy to carry with your duty gear as you can easily attach them to your duty belts or other similar gear. However, what about handcuff keys? Is it easy to safely carry them with you as you perform your duties on job? Well, it may not be because they’re small and with so much to do as part of your job every day, you can easily lose them. Security personnel and law enforcement often have to wear different uniforms and they have to do a lot of physical activity too in which the keys can be lost easily without them even noticing it. So, it is always a great idea to have your backup set of handcuff keys on your tactical gear and avoid any kind of inconvenience while performing your duties.

Handcuff Keys are made and sold as a backup to open handcuffs when the original set of keys is lost somewhere or is not readily available for some reason. As multiple sets are needed for one reason or another, the top manufacturers like Zak Tool manufacture the universal keys that can work with almost all types and makes of handcuffs. Besides, considering the fact that it’s a pretty small item and can be easily lost, these backup keys are designed in a way that you can attach them easily either to your uniform pants, clip onto the uniform shirt or pant pocket, or hold them on a regular key ring. To keep the safety aspect in mind, such duty accessories are sold only to those employed in the law enforcement and are not a general purpose item.

Most handcuff keys are made to last and you don’t often need a replacement unless you lose them somewhere. Still, you need to make sure that you are buying the best quality product that won’t cause any issues anytime soon. Here at LAPG, we store products from top manufacturers including Zak Tool, ASP Products, 5ive Star Gear, UZI, Fury, Schrade, Smith & Wesson, Streamlight Flashlights, DeSantis Gun Leather, and Safariland. With such variety available, you can easily find a perfect key you’re looking for.

The Zak Tool ZT14 Aluminum Pocket Handcuff Key Black is one of our best-selling handcuff keys that make an important addition to your tactical gear. They work fine with most of the handcuffs and make a handy little accessory to have. Sold with a lifetime guarantee, you can expect them to serve you in all those awkward moments where you have the prisoners handcuffed but can’t seem to find the right key to unlock them when needed.

If you’re looking for additional tactical gear, we bring you a wide selection of products that you might find helpful. Even in handcuff keys, we have a variety of products on offer and you can make your picks as you like.