Citation/Credential Holders

Citation Credential Holders, Security ID holder

As first responder, security guards, military, police, and emergency professionals, you often have to keep a lot of citations/credentials and paperwork. There are a lot of details that go on those documents and you need to ensure that all your documents are kept safe and properly organized for rapid handling. For that purpose, it is inevitable to invest in the high-quality citation/credential holders and always have a couple of them on your tactical gear. Besides allowing you to handle the citations properly, they are also helpful in consolidating pens and ticket books along with different other stuff. There are a lot of cool features built into these holders to make them more functional and quite a practical tool to have on your tactical gear. Made with the top quality materials, these pieces are quite sturdy and can last the routine wear and tear that they go through when you are doing your duties in remote areas and a range of different tactical situations.

The citation/credential holders are usually clip-on systems that keep your citations secure and properly organized for emergency handling. Oftentimes, they come with storage compartments to consolidate your ticket books, pens and any other stuff that you may have. You can use them effectively for daily parking and traffic citations. They are also quite useful for police, paramedics, motorcycle police, Park Rangers, and marine officers, helping them perform their routine operations effectively while keeping record of everything that goes on when they are on job. And, whether it’s windy outside or you have too many tickets and citations to handle, they’ll make your job rather simple. World’s top tactical gear manufacturers are making these holders today and you have a wide variety of products to choose from.

At LA Police Gear, we bring you citation and credential holders from some top of the line brands and tactical gear manufacturers. We stock products from Posse Box, Aker Leather Holsters, DeSantis Gun Leather, Boston Leather, Mil-Spec Monkey, Tactical Klips, and Zak Tool. All these brands have been rated highly among the tactical gear manufacturers and you can expect nothing but the top quality products from them. In addition, we stock even the minutest of tactical products from these brands to ensure that here you find just about everything that might be needed in a tactical situation your job puts you in. So, start searching through our catalogue and find exactly what you are looking for.

Begin your search with our best-selling Posse Box CHP-50 Cite Book Caddy that’s been designed specifically for modern law enforcement officers like you. It is quite capable of securely stashing away all your important citation books. Use it for keeping all your paperwork properly organized and available for use whenever you need it. Features like license clip, positive snap for securing cite storage, and an outer strap for securing the entire unit make it quite a handy tool to have on your tactical gear.

So, what are you waiting for then? Buy the best citation/credential holders for your specific needs and ensure that your tactical gear is equipped with just about everything you might need when you’re on job.