EMS & EMT Tactical Pants

EMS and EMT Pants for those that keep us safe

First responders save lives every day and keep our cities safe. When so much depends on your ability to do your job, it’s important to have the proper clothing and protective gear. Our EMT and EMS pants, tops, jackets, and more are all made with durable materials and designed with functionality in mind.

EMS pants have a specific set of pockets to hold the lifesaving tools used by medical professionals. From a pocket for your shears, to a spot for a tourniquet, these EMT pants are designed specifically for the job at hand. 

Designed with input from medical professionals

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and quality. We know how important it is for law enforcement, military members, first responders, and more to have the gear they need.

When we choose our selection of EMS pants we make sure to only choose the best. When we noticed that the pricing was outrageous we designed out own. We understand money can be tight and we want you to be able to have extra money to spend on the things you want instead of the things you need. 

We went through many wear tests from several EMT professionals to get the feedback we needed to make a great pair of pants. We added a few extra pockets, made sure there were stretch in the fabric, and made a few other changes to insure they were the most comfortable pair of EMS pants you could wear.