Big and Tall Tactical Pants

When you need tough pants that stand up to all conditions and the most extreme environments, you want tactical pants. They’re the pants you wear when you don’t know what might happen from one hour to the next. 

When every day is different and no tasks are routine, you need reliable pants that will protect you and won’t tear or rip. It’s one of the primary reasons why tactical pants are the first choice for military members, law enforcement officers, EMS workers and firefighters everywhere. 

Tactical pants are so popular because manufacturers designed them to resist stress and wear while still being comfortable. They help safeguard you from injuries and protect you from hazardous materials and other obstacles. 

The durability of tactical pants is one of the reasons they are worn by other professions and outdoor enthusiasts. These pants give you the flexibility to move any way you need to, whether that’s kneeling, crawling, running, standing or any other position you need to get in. 

You can find a variety of styles and sizes of tactical pants. We have pants for men and women, and we even have big and tall tactical pants as we know those can be some of the hardest to find. 

There are tactical pants with multiple pockets, motorcycle breeches, tactical cargo pants, tactical jeans, lightweight options and, yes, we also have big and tall cargo pants. Our tactical pants come in a variety of colors, like camouflage, coyote, green, navy blue, khaki, tan and black. 

The features of tactical pants make many of them great for days on the range, tactical training and many outdoor activities like hiking, hunting and biking. 

The tactical pants we know today are the result of decades of designing quality clothing for the toughest people with the most dangerous jobs and hobbies in the world. They are more functional and reliable than the cargo pants your grandfather wore.

And today, they are becoming more popular with the general public because you can hold many tools in multiple pockets. So, you always have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Citizens know that law enforcement officers and the military have some of the toughest jobs. And if a pair of pants is good for a soldier or police officer, then it’s good enough for them. 

At LA Police Gear, we know the brands that make the best big and tall tactical pants in the world. So, you can always be sure the pants you buy are of the highest quality. We carry pants from reliable brands such as LA Police Gear, 5.11, TRU-SPEC, VertX, Elbeco, and more.