Safariland Holsters

Safariland Holster Brand is a professional grade holster made in the USA at a state of the art factory in Ontario, CA.  LA Police Gear has been an authorized dealer for over 15 years so you know you will get the best customer services at LAPG.  Safariland also makes incredible and top ranked accessories and belts.  Be show to take a look at their CCW holsters for all your off-duty carry needs.  Safariland Brand holsters are made for a variety of applications, in the service of professionals. Military troops and law enforcement personnel all prefer Safariland handgun holsters. It is the #1 brand of holster asked for by police officers and military personnel. Safariland Duty Holsters will never let you down under pressure or in a demanding tactical environment. 

Safariland is proud to serve the men and women in of our First Responders and we are proud to be one of their top dealers. Safariland Duty Gear is a top choice for Police Officers and Sheriffs Deputy wanting to tool their best in uniform.  Their duty belts and pouches are the best looking on the market. Also available are Safariland Belts and Belt Keepers as well as Safariland Magazine Pouches .


Safariland Holsters

There aren’t many items on your tactical gear that might be as important as gun holsters. They offer concealment, safety, and easy access to your weapon at all times and make sure that it doesn’t wears out from daily use. Whether you serve in police, military, and first responder teams or you work as security guards at a private organization, Safariland holsters are certainly going to make your best friend. They offer everything that they are meant for and can easily exceed your expectations being more functional than you might have ever imagined your holsters to be. The brand is not a new one and it’s been around for some time with huge reputation built around continuous supply of top quality tactical gear to the law enforcement. Their products are equally popular among hunters and sports shooters as well who often find themselves in need of such stuff. So, whatever your tactical needs may be, you are safe going with the tactical products made by Safariland.

Safariland is based in the United States and has a history of manufacturing great quality personal and tactical equipment that is focused on public safety, law enforcement, recreational, and military markets. Formerly, Safariland was a division of a defense and aerospace company called BAE Systems PLC that was based in the UK. Today, Safariland Holsters are renowned worldwide for their top quality leather and some amazing concealment and other functional features. They have long been a preferred choice of the law enforcement and you should not miss out the opportunity of getting your hands at one of their best holsters. They can be your perfect companion in the shooting range and on duty when you are faced with criminals. Perfect concealment, easy access, and utmost safety are some of the features that describe Safariland holsters the best.