Safariland Magazine Pouches

Safariland Magazine Pouches

You might have a lot of amazing stuff on your tactical gear but one thing you may not be able to survive without is the backup ammo. Yes, besides having the bullets in your handgun, you need to carry a few backup magazines as well so that you may not run short of supple when you are faced with the enemy. Whether you are in police, military, security guards, or first responder teams, this applies to you as long as you find yourself in the line of fire often. Even if you are a shooter or hunter, backup ammo is always necessary. What’s even more important is to ensure that you have those extra magazines within easy access at all times. So, you must invest in the best quality Safariland Magazine Pouches, which can be attached easily to your duty belt for easy access to ample ammo at all times. These magazine pouches are designed to ensure that you can quickly take out the backup magazines and switch when you are in the middle of an altercation.

Safariland magazine pouches are the small, leather pouches that are made to carry your backup magazines. They are available in so many different colors, materials, attachment mechanisms, and closures to make sure that you stay locked and loaded whenever you are out on a tactical mission. These magazine pouches are made with the sturdiest leather material and are meant to allow you to carry ammo with you everywhere you go. Some of the latest models are multipurpose and they serve as your magazine pouch and handcuff case, making them a perfect choice for the law enforcement. You can also choose among designs that are meant to carry a single magazine or multiple ones. Besides, there are pouches on offer for the rifle magazines as well that are usually bigger in size. So, depending on your specific needs, you can find just about anything that will serve the purpose for you.

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Start your search with our Safariland 573 Open Top Magazine and Handcuff Pouch that serves multiple purposes and is quite a useful piece of equipment to have on your tactical gear. It comes equipped with a quick on/off paddle while its SafariLaminate thermal molded build allows for excellent protection and durability. It’s pretty comfortable and comes with a suede lining that holds everything inside quietly and securely. It’s certainly a wonderful addition to your tactical gear.

Whether you are in the law enforcement or you often go camping and hunting, investing in the best quality Safariland Magazine Pouches for your tactical gear is always a good idea. Start looking for the best products on our catalogue now!