RIPP Restraints

Hobble restraints are important restraint tools for jails, prisons and law enforcement officers all over the world. They usually consist of a webbed, lightweight belt an inch wide and around 42-52 inches long. The hobbles also include a self-locking clip and loop that you use on the elbows, ankles and knees. 

They are safe and effective restraint devices that limit a prisoner’s movement when being transported in a vehicle, moved around the jail or traveling to or from a court.But the hobbles still allow the inmate to sit while limiting foot and hand movement. Hobbles are often used on disorderly prisoners, but they are used in other transportation scenarios as well.

There are many situations where law enforcement officers need to restrain people they arrest. Whether they are polite, unruly or have a record of assault, it’s usually the police department’s policy that prisoners be restrained when being transported anywhere. That’s because at any time, the person can become irate, and many officers have been hurt or killed in the line of duty. 

RIPP Restraints International, Inc. started designing and manufacturing all types of restraints back in 1987, and they’ve been a leading manufacturer of them for years. RIPP understands the challenges law enforcement officers face, from officers on the street to SWAT officers to jailers and correctional officers. 

RIPP makes all their restraint products from light polypropylene belting with 700- to 1400-pound tensile strength, steel and hook and loop closures. These restraints are exceptionally durable and strong while still being affordable. RIPP is also dedicated to continuing to make new innovative products and updating their older restraints and their training. 

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