Posse Box


The Posse Box is truly the most portable go-anywhere, go-anytime aluminum metal binder with high capacity clipboard holder for anyone who works on the road, in the car as well as law enforcement officers, fire fighters and emergency service personnel to name a few. The Posse Box comes in different sizes and styles to fit all your professional needs.  Built to last, the posse box is manufactured from a lightweight yet very sturdy aluminum, making it lightweight to carry but tough enough for any field operations. 

The Posse Box Brand Quality Products are the national standard for organization of law enforcement forms and documents. The metal binder clipboard features a hinged design which can securely hold a full size 8 1/2" x 11" notepad, and with a simple locking mechanism, your posse box can keep all your forms and documents securely in place even on the bumpiest of rides. 

The posse box comes in different styles to meet all your professional needs. From A-frames to clipboards, and boxes with multiple storage compartments, you can see why the posse box is a necessary addition to all the tactical gear of law enforcement officers.

 Here are some of our best sellers for the Posse Box Brand:

Posse Quality Products SSA-45 A-Frame Form Holder

Posse Quality Products PB-37L Bottom Opening Clipboard Box Legal

Posse Quality Products PB-37S Side Opening Clipboard Box

Posse Quality Products CHP-50 Cite Book Caddy

Posse Quality Products Junior PJ-32D Bottom Opening Clipboard Box