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Our fearless founder and leader at L.A. Police Gear has ELEVEN pairs of Oakley Eyewear! Our fantastic LAPG CEO Mark has SEVEN pairs of Oakley sunglasses! Our LAPG Operations Manager Ryan has SIX pairs of Oakley sunglasses! And the list goes on. It's pretty obvious that the LA Police Gear folk love their Oakley sunglasses. And here is the reason why; The creation of the Oakley Standard Issue (SI) sunglasses line. The Oakley Standard Issue is a dedicated division within Oakley, Inc. that is committed to serving the specific needs of the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire professionals, as well as government agencies.  The Oakley SI line offers unprecedented optical clarity while still maintaining the ultimate levels of protection.  Check out LAPG's Oakley sunglasses line, specifically the Oakley SI Thin Blue Line Gascan eyewear, because the Thin Blue Line collection is devoted to honoring the ambassadors of the law!

Along with the Oakley SI eyewear line, is the Oakley Standard Issue Assault Boot line. The SI Assault boot was engineered with the US Military in mind. Take note of the Oakley Light Assault Boot line. The Oakley Light Assault was designed for improved comfort in extreme hot conditions. Oakley has optimized breathability by eliminating thermal shielding foams, making the Light Assault Boot line more lightweight and stealthy.  Plus Oakley added over-the-ankle support shafts and a low profile lacing system to maximize protection with great breathability but adding a higher level of comfort. 

Oakley Inc. has some many lines that we at LA Police Gear love and carry! It's a hard decision choosing which gear bag would suit your needs best, but LAPG strongly recommends the Oakley Icon Backpack.  The Icon Backpack performs excellently, from simple urban commuting to hiking your favorite trail. Tough Cordura fabric and a durable, high-density rubberized bottom panel offers great protection from any elements, and the Oakley Icon Backpack has five exterior zipper pockets for all your knick knacks while the roomy interior has open panel pockets for your laptop or iPads.  All these features makes the Oakley Icon Backpack both comfortable and highly functional, and a favorite choice amongst our LAPG customers. 

Purchase any Oakley products at LA Police Gear.  L.A. Police Gear carries the best Oakley products and we are known for our fast shipping times, low prices, and a reputation for taking care of our customers from initial purchase to after the order arrives.  And we know you'll love your new Oakley purchase!