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Ka-Bar Knives


You probably recognize the name KA-Bar Knives, Inc.  That's because KA-Bar is known for their high quality military, law enforcement, hunting, sporting, outdoor survival and your all-purpose utility knives.  Ka-bar knives have been making knives since 1898 so believe us when we tell you they really, really know their knives!  Each knife manufactured by Ka-bar undergoes their unique design processes and testing to ensure they're corrosion resistant, edge holding ability, and a right out-of-the-box razor sharp cutting edge.

LA Police Gear's most popular Ka-Bar Knife seller is the Ka-Bar Knives TDI Law Enforcement Knife. Designed by a 33-year veteran Police Lieutenant who truly understood what makes a knife effect for close-quarters defense, The TDI Knife was designed with a low-profile fixed blade for law enforcement, military and security personnel that could be drawn quickly and efficiently in times of duress.  With years of prototype samples and in-field testing, the Ka-Bar TDI Law enforcement Knife became the first model of what was to become all future TDI models. 

Every single KA-BAR knife is subject to a multiple step inspection guaranteeing the functionality, the ergonomics and the aesthetics of the knife, plus each knife is put through vigorous field tests to find and eliminate problems.  With this kind of manufacturing and detailed inspections, you know you can do lifetime investing in a KA-Bar Knife.