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Designed and engineered specifically for law enforcement officers, public safety enforcers, tactical operators and military members, Inforce brings to the tactical market the Inforce WML, a multi-function lighting system weapon light accessory that blows the competition out of the water. Every Inforce product is made in the USA with a tactical LED lighting system that will light up the darkest of nights.  

The Inforce WML produces an astounding 125 lumens of white light with multiple beam sizes to light up close and mid-range objects or a peripheral spread light that will highlight the surrounding area.  With a high-power run time of two hours, the Inforce light can be changed from a simple white light to an infrared light, all with the easy action of a thumb twist. 

And what makes Inforce light a perfect weapon light, apart from all the multi-faceted features and extremely bright LED light, is that the Inforce light accessory comes enclosed in an integrated rail with a very secure yet compact clamping system.  Manufactured with a fiber composite makes the Inforce light body very durable and ultralight, so that it won't interfere with any functions of your weapon. And its waterproof, so the Inforce WML weapon light will continue to shine even in the wettest of climates. 

LAPG highly recommends the Inforce weapon light to all tactical operators or for any tactical operation. Because not being able to see clearly in the dark is just not an option.