Caliber Gourmet

Impress your family, your friends and your co-workers! And have fun doing it. Caliber Gourmet takes the serious side out of the tactical lifestyle, and adds a bunch of humor.  Caliber Gourmet's products add light and laughter to anyone lucky enough to own one or more of their hilarious products! Caliber Gourmet strives to outfit your home with modern tools and gadgets that make life fun!

At LA Police Gear, we are usually super-serious about our business, but once in a while we like to laugh out loud too!  Take, for example, your average pen holder container sitting on your desk every day.  Now think how cool it would be to exchange that boring, plain pen holder out for the Caliber Gourmet Revolver Cylinder Pen Holder! Keep your writing apparatus neatly organized in the gun cylinder.  Definitely a conversation-starter around the water cooler. 

And impress your kids!  How about the Caliber Gourmet Fired Eggs. Yes, we said FIRED EGGS!  Shape your eggs like a pistol - which will stun your kids into thinking you're the REAL sheriff in town. Plus it works with pancakes too.  Go super dad! 

Take the serious out of seriousness and bring some fun into your life.  Take the routine out of boring days. LAPG carries Caliber Gourmet's full line of products because we want to make you a star amongst your family, your guests and your employees.