Bianchi Duty Accessories

Bianchi Duty Accessories

Bianchi International is a trusted provider of high-quality tactical gear and their range of products is just amazing. The brand is particularly known for manufacturing top quality holsters and other leather products that could be helpful for the law enforcement, military, police, first responder, and security guards in their day to day routine. Among all the products that you would want to buy with Bianchi’s label on them, the Bianchi duty accessories are something you’d never want to miss out on. Obviously, besides your weapons and major tools you need on your tactical gear, there are a lot of knick-knacks that can serve great purpose. You have to be sure that you carry enough of them to make your job easier when you are out there in the wild or doing your duties in the middle of the night. From small key holders to belt keepers, there are many different accessories that would help you do your duties swiftly and carry a lot of important stuff with you all the time.

Bianchi duty accessories include a variety of knick-knacks and they are all meant to serve a certain important function. You can opt for anything from baton rings, belt keepers, key holders and speedloaded pouches to speed strips, flashlight rings, and speedloader panels. All these accessories make it easier for you to carry your tactical gear when performing your duties and they really come in handy. It’s not just the law enforcement personnel who can take advantage of duty accessories from Bianchi, in fact, even the campers, adventurers, and hunters can use these items to their advantage. Just imagine how you would keep your flashlights safe and easily accessible all the time when you’re camping outdoors. Why not have a flashlight ring and keep it there so that you know where to find it when you need it. Similarly, if you’re a law enforcement officer, you can carry your baton in a baton ring attached to your duty belt. So, that certainly signifies the importance of these duty accessories.

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Our Bianchi 8006 Patroltek Belt Keepers make a wonderful addition to any tactical gear. Allowing you to keep your belts in place, these belt keepers are available in black finished brass snaps. They are made using 1-inch thick webbing and make sure that your belt stays even when you’re taking something off your belt. Sold in a pack of 4, you should definitely have this cool little accessory on your gear.

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