Bianchi Duty & Leather Belts

Bianchi Duty and Leather Belts

Bianchi is a name trusted widely among the law enforcement and their leather products are considered a symbol of quality. Those in military, police, security guards, and first responder teams, often use products from the brand to fulfill their routine tactical requirements. If there is one thing from Bianchi that you’d want to have on your tactical gear, it’s their Duty and Leather belts. Yes, the belts play an important part in the uniform of the law enforcement personnel, allowing for different attachments to carry their stuff around easily and making it easily accessible all the time. Whether it is your flashlights, gun holsters, handcuffs, or keychains, everything can be easily attached to Bianchi Duty and Leather Belts to make your life easier when you are doing your duties out there. The products from the brand come in a variety of designs and can fulfill varying requirements of the law enforcement professionals. Just pick a product as per your needs and you are good to go.

Bianchi duty and leather belts are superior quality duty belts that are made from high-grade leather and can last the test of time. There are specific features built into the design of these duty belts to allow for specific attachments. When it comes to the construction, you can find nylon web and laminate alternatives that meet the highest standards of quality craftsmanship. The duty belts from Bianchi undergo a vat dyeing process which ensures maximum penetration of color which goes deep into the hide and sealed there to ensure a lustrous finish. To survive against that extra strain which comes from carrying your holstered guns, these belts are made to have heavy-weight cowhide which looks amazing and will not crease in the back belt loop either. Overall, they really make a great product for any tactical gear and can also serve the purpose in everyday routine courtesy their beautiful lustrous look.

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Want our recommendation on the best Bianchi duty and leather belts? We’d recommend this Bianchi 7205 1.5” Hook Lined Linear Belt that has received great reviews from our customers. With its durable nylon web construction and full-length hook lining, it really makes a great duty belt to have on your tactical gear. With its hook & loop closure, you can easily put it on/off. We have wide variety of sizes available and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one matching your requirements.

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