For more than forty years, ASP has had a single-minded focus on providing law enforcement officers with the finest tools for the safe performance of their duties. ASP’s Expandable Batons have over 60 different combinations of mechanism, size, materials and finish…there’s an ASP Baton for every officer, agency and mission. From pocket-sized backup lights to full-featured tactical workhorses, each ASP flashlight is crafted to exacting standards. ASP handcuffs have raised the bar on street-smart features, speed, ease-of-use and safety. And with their finely-finished, machined and knurled aluminum barrels, ASP’s OC Defenders “Pepper Spray” look like high-end flashlights. Every day, professionals in over 100 countries trust ASP products with their lives - so they can’t afford less than the very best.

ASP Products

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