AR500 Level III 10" x 12" Square Back Plate

Item Code: 310X12SQ
  • Level III
  • Weight: 8.0lb., +/- 10% for PAXCON coating
  • Made In The USA
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    Purposely designed to be used as a back plate in your plate carrier capable of accepting 10" x 12" body armor. AR500 Armor Level III Back Plate body armor offers the same ballistic protection as our ASC line with the benefit of increased coverage. Utilizing a back plate affords you additional coverage from the back side of your plate carrier. Please note that your plate carrier must be compatible with a rectangular back plate cut. We do not recommend using a Back Plate in the front of your plate carrier unless you're willing to forego comfort and ergonomics while shouldering your rifle.


    • Level III rifle rated for 7.62x51 M80 Ball (.308 win) @ 2,780 fps
    • Independently tested to NIJ 101.06
    • Patented Advanced Shooters Cut (ASC) (on some models) in thin .26" profile
    • Profile: Thin 0.26" profile (Base Coat), 0.48" profile (Build-Up)
    • Weight: 8.0lb., (+/- 10% for PAXCON coating)
    • Most independently reviewed and tested body armor in the world
    • AR500 Armor high hard specially treated ballistic steel core construction
    • Rigorous quality control standards for consistency and performance
    • Rugged and stress fracture resistant
    • Minimally invasive forming process on Multi-Curved models preserves armor integrity
    • 20-Year maintenance free shelf life
    • Unparalleled Multi-Hit and stand-alone performance
    • Outlasts Ceramic, and Polyethylene Body Armor
    • PAXCON abrasion and chemical resistant coating
    • Build-Up for spall and fragmentation mitigation
    • Made in the United States of America!
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    Reviews / Q&A

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