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Magazines and Accessories

There's nothing worse than pulling the trigger in the middle of a firefight and getting a silent response. And who has time to refill a magazine on the battlefield? Order gun magazines from LA Police Gear and always have what you need on hand. You can get a gun mag to replace the stock component on your weapon or find extras to carry on your tactical vest for quick reloads and swaps. And we have an assortment of weapon accessories as well to take advantage of this added firepower. Take advantage of our "Bulletproof Guarantee" and shop for your tactical gear at our online superstore.

We stock hundreds of magazines and clips for pistols, rifles, shotguns and submachine guns. Many of these gun magazines are OEM replacements made to the exact specifications of the original that came with the weapon. These can come from weapons manufacturers such as Glock, Sig-Sauer and H&K, or from a licensed aftermarket company. But if you're looking for a little more ammo under the hood, you can get oversized and high-capacity mags, too. Whether you need a magazine that holds 12 rounds, 40 rounds or 300 rounds, they are available here. Each is made of durable metals or polymers with features such as extended floorplates and finger rests.

If you're buying backup magazines, you probably aren't planning on hand-carrying them. Take your pick of gun magazine pouches that attach to a duty belt or MOLLE vest. There are double mag pouches, camo pouches, open-top mag carriers and many others ready to ship. And we stock unique accessories such as magazine spacers, impact/dust covers, grip extensions and ranger plates for maximum weapon functionality. LA Police Gear has the lowest prices on premium gun magazine gear both online and in-store. You can shop seven days a week with expert customer service by phone and email. Note that sales of these products are restricted in certain states; please check the product pages for more information.

Magazines and Accessories

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