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Gun Care

As we've seen often in life, proper maintenance now can save you a lot of hassle later. Servicing your gun is just as important as taking care of your car, furnace, lawn or computer. LA Police Gear has used our experience in the field to find the leading gun care accessories for pistol, rifles, shotguns and SMGs. By using the right supplies to do regular cleaning and tuning, you keep your weapon working smoothly while reducing the risk of breaks, jams and misfires. These care products are for law enforcement professionals and gun enthusiasts alike who want their favorite weapon to remain their favorite for years.

Cleaning a gun doesn't need to be as complicated as doing your taxes. We sell products that are easy to use and don't leave an even bigger mess on your workbench. Maintain a barrel as smooth as silk for better accuracy with our selection of chamber cleaning tools and bore guides. For spot patches and carbon build-up, use bronze blister brushes with bristles that are tough but soft. We stock all sorts of gun cleaning solvents along with clothes and cotton patches to gently apply them. Or, you can get a set of gun wipes to bring on the go if you develop a problem. You'll want gun lubricants as well to reduce friction and fight off rust.

Do you really want to give your gun the spa treatment? Order a complete gun care kit from NcSTAR, Remington or another industry leader. Each kit has the brushes, lubes, applicators and other supplies you need in a convenient carrying case or bag. We even sell gun cleaning mats and protective sleeves so you don't scratch the exterior during maintenance or storage. Up your tactical prowess by keeping your gun in tip-top shape without spending a fortune. Our customer service team is filled with industry experts who are ready to help you find the right care products for your service, hunting or hobby weapon.

Gun Care

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