UZI Stun Baton 500,000 Volts

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LA Police Gear requires proof of active law enforcement employment for all California residents when purchasing batons.

  • 15'' Stun Baton
  • 500, 000 Volts
  • On/Off Switch
  • Easy And Safe To Use
  • Ensures No Permanent Damage
  • Creates A Bright, Audible Crackle
  • Immobilizes And Neutralizes Potential Threats
  • Operates on two (2) 9 volt batteries

    This UZI 500,000-volt stun gun pen is a discreet way to carry a self-defense tool in any scenario. It's easy and safe to use and ensures no permanent damage. It creates a loud and audible crackle that would scare away almost any attacker. The 500,000 volt stun gun will immobilize and neutralize any potential threats.

    Stun Guns are not permitted to be sold to customers outside the United States or to the following states: Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin. We are also not permitted to sell stun guns to the following cities: Annapolis, MD, Baltimore City, MD, Baltimore County, MD, District of Columbia, Philadelphia, PA.
    UZI Stun Baton 500,000 Volts