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Chest Rigs

Ever wanted to carry just a few necessary items on a mission? Tactical chest rigs are an efficient way to haul your gear. The streamlined design is ideal for police officers, milsim players and hunters who don't wear full body armor or otherwise have a need for a full tactical vest. These rigs sling over your shoulders and wrap around your chest or torso to hold mag pouches, radios, flashlights, maps and other important hardware. And you'll be able to puff your chest out proudly knowing you got a quality product at a low price from LA Police Gear.

The next time you want to keep your loadout light and simple, pick up a combat chest rig from our inventory. Each of our rigs has cross-back or H-back harness straps to help distribute the load and reduce pressure points. From there, you can get MultiCam chest rigs, seven-pocket chest harnesses, split front chest rigs and many other styles. Modular MOLLE chest panels allow you to customize your gear loadout. For owners of Tactical Tailor chest rigs, MAP and MAV chest bibs provide additional attachment points on top of what already comes with their vests. Chest pouches are a smaller option if you're looking for a supplement to a vest or duty belt.

Tactical chest carriers from LA Police Gear are made from heavy-duty fabrics and have adjustable shoulders and girth to fit most adults. Features can include padded shoulder straps, waterproofing treatments, hydration storage, mesh pockets and quick-release buckles for the ultimate combination of functionality and comfort. These rigs can be used in urban, rural, vehicle and indoor settings where space can't go to waste. We offer a Price Match Guarantee on gear from High Speed Gear, Condor, Haley Strategic, J-Tech and other top manufacturers. We're excited to add you to our list of satisfied customers worldwide, so find your new chest rig today!

Chest Rigs

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