Range Finders

Range Finders

Precision and accuracy are considered the key metrics when you are faced with a tactical situation and have to give a quick response. First responder, security guards, military, and police operatives need to be spot on with their shooting skills and for that they need a variety of tactical gear both for practicing and also for use in the real-life situations. Range Finders make an essential part of the modern tactical gear even when you are just perfecting your skills at the shooting range. Obviously, when you have to hit the targets with extreme precision, you have to be aware of the exact distance between you and the target you are aiming at. And, that won’t be possible without some high-end equipment. So, it’s time that you start looking and get yourself the best range finders around to fulfill your requirements and master the skill like never before.

Laser range finders are the most commonly used type of range finders these days. The all work with the same basic principle. They emit laser beams with a simple button push which then bounce back off any distant objects allowing the high-speed clock of the rangefinder to measure the time those beams took to return back. This information is then used to calculate the exact distance between the distant objects and the rangefinder. In a shooting range, the distant object is the target at which you have to shoot. In most tactical situations, it is essential to have a top-quality military rangefinder to work with. You can’t miss your shots and consistently hitting the targets requires you to know the exact distance from the target every time you fire gunshots. So, it is important that you pick the best, and the most accurate, rangefinders and be on target all the time.

At LA Police Gear, we bring you the widest collection of tactical range finders that you can use to enhance your range shooting experience. In fact, these range finders can be used effectively in all the real-life tactical settings to give you precise shots every time you fire. We store some of the best products from Bushnell, a renowned brand among the tactical gear manufacturers. They are known to offer best quality products that are rated highly by the industry experts and law enforcement professionals alike. So, you can buy their products with confidence.

To start with, you can buy the Bushnell The Truth With Clear Shot Rangefinder that is known to bring precision and accuracy to your shooting capabilities. When using the Truth with Clear Shot technology, you can expect instantaneous feedback about the clearance of your shots. It uses advanced laser tech and leaves no guesswork behind. Whether you’re a law enforcement professional or you need something to assist with your hunting endeavors, this range finder from Bushnell is always going to do a perfect job for you.

So, stop looking elsewhere and start exploring our catalogue now to find yourself the best range finders for your tactical gear.