Gun Care

Gun Care

Security guards, first responder, military, and police operatives need to keep their tactical gear handy at all times whether they are in the field or not. On top of that, they really need to make sure that all their equipment, especially weapons, is in perfect shape at all times. It needs proper maintenance, regular cleaning, and routine care so that it may not falter when you need it the most. Obviously, you never want to stand helpless in front of your enemy just because your weapon was not properly calibrated or that it just couldn’t work. This can’t be any truer than in case of your guns and pistols. So, you should do everything possible to ensure proper gun care and make sure that your weapon is in perfect shape at all times. There are all sorts of equipment available these days from the top brands in the industry and you can simply buy it to ensure great results whether you are firing at the shooting range or in the battlefield.

You need a variety of tools for proper gun care and your equipment should include everything from weapon cleaning kits, gun cleaners, bore mops and cleaning patches, gun brushes, gun lube, gun rods, jags and loops, and weapon storage – safes and locks. If you have already been looking for all or one of these items, you should make sure that you buy something from the top names in the industry. All the major tactical gear manufacturers have rolled out their products into the market and buying from them means you’d have to face the least possible hassle in the process and the quality of the products will be top-notch as well. And, if you have been in search of a resource where you could buy it all in one place, you’ve finally found one here at LAPG.

At LA Police Gear, we are your one stop shop for all your tactical needs and bring you the best quality gun care equipment from top brands in the industry as well. We have in store the best products from brands like Hoppe’s 9, DAC Technologies, Flitz, FrogLube, Otis Technologies, Southern Bloomer, Gun Vault, 5ive Star Gear, Break-Free, Glock, Pro-Shot Products, GG&G, Gunslick Pro, Magpul, Galco, Maxpedition, NcSTAR, Shellback Tactical, Strike Industries, TRU-SPEC, ASP Products, Blackhawk, Crosstac, Leatherman, MAGnet Gun Caddy, Omega Gun Lock, TUFF Products, and Winchester Safes. So, whatever you need, we have it right here for you.

The FrogLube 5ml Squeeze Pack is one of our top-selling products when it comes to gun care supplies. The biodegradable lubricant has been made with “USDA Certified Food-Grade” and all its ingredients have been made using proprietary formula. The non-toxic substance easily dissolves any carbon on your weapon as soon as it gets in contact with it. It doesn’t have any negative effects on the environment either and is fully safe to use.

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