Safariland 6305 ALS/SLS Tactical Holster with Quick-Release Leg Strap

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    The Safariland 6305 tactical drop-leg holster features both ALS and SLS retention systems. The ALS (Automatic Locking System) internal retention secures the weapon once holstered, and keeps it that way until released via the thumb lever, while the SLS (Self Locking System) rotating hood adds another layer of retention. To draw, push down and forward on the SLS, then with a shooting grip on the weapon, the thumb slightly depresses the ALS lever for a smooth draw, ensuring no loss of precious seconds during an encounter.

    Constructed from thermoformed SafariLaminate material, the 6305 holster handles harsh environments, and the suede lining and molded sight track help protect the weapon's finish and sights. The wide shroud and dual elastic straps add comfort and stability, and silicone grip strips help eliminate movement. The 3-holed mounting platform allows addition of various accessories, making this rig ideal for gear-heavy roles. The Model 6305 version offers a quick-release buckle on the leg strap for easy on/off convenience.


    • ALS (Automatic Locking System) secures weapon once holstered; SLS allows for a smoother, single motion draw and greater protection against attempted weapon takeaways
    • Simple straight up draw once all releases are deactivated
    • The Hood Guard external shield provides additional safety by protecting the release mechanism against takeaway attempts
    • Optional Sentry device available
    • Silicone-backed dual leg straps minimize movement
    • SafariLaminate thermoformed construction is highly durable
    • Leg shroud accepts ELS, QLS, and MLS mounts for adding accessories
    • Suede lining helps protect finish and sights
    • Available in STX Tactical, Black, Foliage, OD Green, and FDE Brown

    Safariland 6305 ALS/SLS Tactical Holster with Quick-Release Leg Strap
    WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

    Reviews / Q&A

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