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Resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool

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MSRP: $12.99


The Resqme Tool: A Must-Have for All MotoristsThe resqme tool was designed in 2003 after the introduction of the LifeHammer, an emergency escape tool. After identifying a need for a portable and compact version, the resqme tool was developed and is now proudly manufactured in the United States and distributed worldwide.

The resqme tool is a window-breaker and seat-belt-cutter--an emergency tool idea for the safety of any driver. In the event of an emergency and possible vehicle entrapment, the resqme tool holds a sharp blade to cut a jammed seatbelt and a spring-loaded spike to shatter the car window.

Originally designed for emergency personnel, the resqme tool is an ideal tool for any driver. It is small, lightweight, and still powerful. You can carry it on your keys so it is always within reach.

Your family will be prepared for the unexpected with the resqme tool "when seconds count?"


  • Concealed Steel Blade

  • Spring-loaded Spike

  • Compact, Lightweight & Powerful

  • Made in the USA

  • Certified and Tested

  • Easily Accessible

  • 8 Available Colors

  • Used by: Firefighters, Police Officers, Emergency Medical Personnel, First Responders and Government Organizations

  • Specifications:

  • Height: 7.50 cm (2.93 in.)

  • Width: 3.20 cm (1.50 in.)

  • Weight: 17 g (0.6 oz.)

  • Click here to purchase the Resqme Accessory Pack, which includes a visor clip and lanyard.
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